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What our clients say about us

Prinade Consulting helped me review my essay for the Commonwealth Shared scholarship into Masters in One Health and interestingly I got nominated all thanks to her help. Thanks Doc, you rock!!!

Kuye Anu

Royal Veterinary College/London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine – United Kingdom

I received my essay within the specified time and also that the reviewer did an excellent job of researching on the subject matter was my favourite thing about working with Prinade. In addition, I was able to submit an application far before the designated time.

Oyegoke Funmi

Prinade helped me have a detailed and well structured personal statement for my Admission process. My essay review was so professional and timely.

Adeyemo Mary

University of Teesside


Frequently asked questions

How can I get started with the services offered by Prinade Consulting?

You can get started by contacting us through our website or via email to schedule a consultation. During the consultation, we will discuss your goals and tailor our services to meet your individual needs.

Do I have to pay upfront or how does payment work?

Yes. We ask our clients to pay the specified fee for their service choice as the payment gateways are structured to process one-off payments per service requested.

What is the turnaround time for the services offered?

Our turnaround time varies depending on the service and the client’s needs. We aim to deliver within 3-5 working days, but we can work with each client to establish a mutually agreed-upon timeline and ensure that we deliver quality work within the deadline.

How is a client’s information kept safe?

At Prinade Consulting, we understand the importance of confidentiality. We ensure the privacy of our clients’ information by using secure platforms for communication and storage.

How does Prinade Consulting ensure personalised service?

We offer personalised service by understanding that each client is unique and requires a personalised approach to achieve their goals. We provide tailored advice and reviews that cater to each client’s specific needs.

What makes Prinade Consulting's reviews and advice stand out?

We provide expert guidance based on our experience in reviewing and evaluating CVs and academic applications. Our attention to detail ensures that our clients’ CVs and essays are error-free and well-crafted, giving them a competitive edge.

How does Prinade Consulting make the application process stress-free for her clients?

We understand that applying to graduate school or searching for a job can be stressful, so we strive to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible for our clients. We provide a pressure-free experience by taking on the burden of reviewing and editing, allowing our clients to focus on other aspects of their application process.

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