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This is a rather straightforward blog post. Just tips.

  1. Have a clear-cut long-term and short-term goal before you start writing your essays
  2. Don’t paint the picture of your country is so poor, hence you desperately need the scholarship
  3. Ensure you understand how the scholarship works before you apply so you won’t get committed to something you may not like later on
  4. Let all your essays reflect that you really understand what your course entails and how it can benefit the society, your country and maybe the scholarship network
  5. Give yourself enough timeto write, edit and proof-read all your essays.
  6. Ask other people to check your essays for you. I’ll recommend sending your essays to someone in the field of the course you’re applying to, someone whose English grammar is sound and someone who is a critical thinker.

Scholarship applications are never a walk in the park, therefore you need to be deliberate and strategic. Make sure you review your essay. Don’t forget, many people are also applying and there are limited slots. Make sure you put in your best in your applications!

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